Hello, my name is Daniela Ganoza. I am a TV talent, journalist, producer, and writer. 

Early in my career, I faced constant criticism and comments about my hair, which was considered “unprofessional” or aesthetically unpleasing for on-camera work. Despite that, I never agreed to change the hair I was born with, yet the comments and pressure never stopped. Little by little, I realized this was not something that only happened to me. In fact, millions of women across the world have been forced to change their hair for work, racial reasons, or reasons related to prestige and class. 

 Aware of this situation, the more pressure I received to straighten my hair, the more I rebelled against it, and these unpleasant experiences also gradually became my cause. 

This is how one day "Curly & Proud" was born, a brand of apparel and accessories dedicated to empowering curly-haired women by making them feel proud of their hair and freeing them from all narrow-minded and discriminatory concepts toward their natural beauty. "Curly & Proud" promotes a light, fun, daring, and stylish message through inspiring phrases in our products.

I believe that we don't always have to fight and protest angrily to make a point in society, sometimes we can do it in ways that feel better but simultaneously deliver the message clearly. So let's accept ourselves, support each other and wear our statement!